For your filming needs, I offer transparent, flat-rate pricing based on the duration of the project. A standard wedding package is priced at $750, inclusive of comprehensive audio and video processing, including color correction and audio mixing. Please note that setup and teardown times are not factored into the pricing, as I believe in fostering open communication during these periods without the pressure of billing.

For recitals, my rate is $85 per hour, while sporting events are priced at $65 per hour. Rest assured, I bring along a dedicated team to ensure every aspect of your project runs seamlessly, and my pricing reflects this commitment to excellence.

Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your specific project requirements and receive personalized input and estimates. I meticulously track time in 5-minute increments to ensure accuracy and transparency throughout the process.


Event Filming + Photography

Stepping up from DSLR video shooting, I've invested in top-tier professional equipment and assembled a skilled crew ready to elevate your visuals to the next level. We take pride in our polished appearance, sporting professional attire suitable for a range of occasions, from elegant weddings and bar mitzvahs to formal business meetings and captivating interviews. But versatility is our forte.

For more discreet settings like sporting events or archival recordings of plays and dance recitals, we've got you covered with a smaller, incognito rig. With up to 4 channels of audio in various configurations, the possibilities are limitless. Picture this: a shotgun mic capturing the action on the camera, lav mics discreetly placed on prominent speakers for crystal-clear dialogue at weddings, or a strategically positioned mic on stage at a dance recital, capturing the ambient room sound and the rhythmic patter of feet. Plus, with my extensive experience as an audio engineer, rest assured, I can recommend the optimal equipment for any task.

But that's not all. We've partnered with local photographers to offer comprehensive coverage of your event, combining the best of both visual media. Ask about our affordable combo packages for a seamless, all-in-one solution to your photography and videography needs.


Drone Photography and Videography

   As a certified drone pilot accredited by Transport Canada, I specialize in capturing stunning aerial footage in crystal-clear 4K resolution. Whether you require a meticulous roof or gutter inspection, breathtaking real estate photography, or a captivating shot for your next short film, I've got you covered.

   With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, I ensure every aerial capture meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism. From sweeping panoramic views to intricate close-ups, my drone expertise adds a dynamic perspective to any project.

   Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your aerial photography and videography needs. Let's elevate your visuals to new heights—contact me today!


File Transfer

   Transferring audio from one format to another can be a royal pain. Trying to get your audio from old, outdated formats to a digital file does not have to be difficult.  I can do everything from cassette tapes to vinyl records, as well as pull audio from video files or even extract it from websites such as youtube.

   Sometimes even going from digital to digital can be overwhelming, such as when you need to convert your entire audio library to another format. Or when you have a file in the wrong bit depth or sample rate. Permanent Records is equipped to do large batch-file processing in a short amount of time.

   Unfortunately my 8-track, DAT  and ADAT players have grown legs, but if you have a player I am happy to use it to convert your files to something a little more this-century. If you have a player that works, I can record from the output and clean up the audio if need be!

  • 8-Track
  • Vinyl
  • Cassette
  • DAT
  • ADAT
  • VHS