Filming: I offer a flat-rate for filming depending on the number of hours required. A typical wedding will cost $750, including all audio and video processing (colour correction, audio mixing, etc.) Set up and tear downs are not included in pricing as people often feel a need to chat to me during this time and I don't feel comfortable billing for time spent chatting. Recitals are $85/hour, sporting events are $65/hour. I bring as many staff as I need to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and my prices reflect this.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project and get my input and estimation. I keep accurate timesheets rounded up or down in 5-minute increments.


Event Filming + Photography

So recently I have moved up from DSLR video shooting and invested in a professional camera, and gathered a small crew. We all clean up nicely and have professional attire for things like weddings, bar mitzvahs, business meetings, interviews. Alternately we can set up a smaller rig for more incognito settings such as sporting events, archival footage for recording plays, dance recitals... with up to 4 channels of audio in a multitude of configurations. For example, a shotgun mic on the camera capturing the action, with lav mics on the more prominent speakers for a wedding or perhaps a mic on the stage for a dance recital to pick up the room sound and feet sound with a direct line form the mixing board for perfect music. The possibilities are endless, and with all my years as an audio engineer I can definitely suggest the best equipment for the task at hand.

Also partnering with local photographers so that we can cover the best of both visual media! Ask about our affordable combo packages.   

Drone Photography and Videography

I am a Transport Canada certified drone pilot, capable of filming in 4k. Whether you need a roof or gutter inspection, real estate photography, a shot for your short film, feel free to reach out to me!


File Transfer

   Transferring audio from one format to another can be a royal pain. Trying to get your audio from old, outdated formats to a digital file does not have to be difficult.  I can do everything from cassette tapes to vinyl records, as well as pull audio from video files or even extract it from websites such as youtube.

   Sometimes even going from digital to digital can be overwhelming, such as when you need to convert your entire audio library to another format. Or when you have a file in the wrong bit depth or sample rate. Permanent Records is equipped to do large batch-file processing in a short amount of time.

   Unfortunately my 8-track, DAT  and ADAT players have grown legs, but if you have a player I am happy to use it to convert your files to something a little more this-century. If you have a player that works, I can record from the output and clean up the audio if need be!

  • 8-Track
  • Vinyl
  • Cassette
  • DAT
  • ADAT
  • VHS