Game Donation

Make a donation! I create these games for fun, but a little bonus certainly does help with motivation. Recommended donation is $5, but any amount is gratefully appreciated!

Ramp and Roll

Ramp and Roll is a 3d video game version of Skeeball. Everyone loves SkeeBall! Currently it is for PC/mac only, but before the summer I hope to convert it to Xbox One's Kinect motion control system for 4-player fun in the living room.


It is free to download, but please consider a recommended donation of $5, or really any amount. Not only does this help offset some of the costs involved in creating something like this (mostly my time, which is precious! I create everything from the soundtrack to the 3d models myself) but encourages me to keep creating. I have a list of arcade style games like this that I would love to make, and hope to continue working through it.


For more details on Ramp & Roll, there is a Facebook page with lots of information, screen shots, and even some video! Please like and share the page to help me spread the word.


Download Links:

Right click, save as!

Current Version: 1.21 Uploaded March 5, 2015

PC x86

PC x64



If you Donate, please include a message if you'd like an email when new versions becomes available.

One Hot Shot

One Hot Shot is an arcade basketball machine simulator. You get two minutes to try to score as many baskets as you can!

Head's Up!

Head's Up! is the new game I am working on. It is similar to Ramp and Roll, however the name of the game is lawn darts. Spiky, spikey lawn darts. Watch where you throw those things!


VOA stands for Veterinary Office Assistant. I started this game a long time ago, but it proved to be beyond my programming skills. Now I plan on resurrecting it as I am a better programmer and the tools for game creation have also gotten better!

   You play as my wonderful wife Lauren running around in a veterinary hospital. You try to catch the escaped puppies and return them to the kennels, while avoiding objects such as puddles, equipment, clients, and other staff members. The faster you go, the more points you get!