TapTap! Lite and TapTap!

TapTap!  Lite and TapTap! is an app I developed that brings children and their parents/aunts/uncles/friends/etc. closer together through movement and song. The idea was sparked when my girlfriend of the time sang to her child and it warmed my heart. The free "Lite" version is available on Google Play and iOS now, with the full version coming later this year. 

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Simply Stated

Simply Stated is a communication app that grows with you! It grew out of a need I wanted to see filled after I found out that very complicated versions exist and very little middle ground. My friend has a very intelligent but non-verbal child, and the existing app was very complicated for a then-five year old. The colourful art is basic and easy to understand even if you can't read. When you push the button, it says the word out loud in English. My app breaks simple and common communication into 3 levels of focus:


  1. Easy Mode
    Easy mode breaks down routine activities into their most basic forms. For example, the Food category has options for being hungry, being full, and wanting a meal or a snack.
  2. Normal Mode
    Normal builds upon the easy by allowing more options for greater communication. Again using Food as an example, it adds more options such as specific meals like Breakfast or Dinner, as well as more focussed ideas for snacks such as fruits and vegetables.
  3. Advanced Mode
    Don't let the name fool you, it's not any more difficult. It just opens up a slew of options to choose from! Building on the normal mode, it goes even further! For Food, it adds things like candy and dessert, as well as announcing that the user would like more or is finished eating.

   Is this app just for children? No! If you need help communicating for any reason it can be a blessing. Running on both Android and iOS, tablet or cell phone, it is a pocket-sized way to help improve your life by lowering the frustration that happens when you either can't or are misunderstood.


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Glass Break Simulator

Glass Break Simulator is a tool for people in the alarm industry that I made. I was fed up of carrying a glass break testing tool around with me, and I got a new cell phone one day (Samsung A71, not that it matters.) I immediately noticed that it was quite loud. Loud enough to trigger an alarm sensor for testing? Yes! Not for everyone, a very niche market indeed. But it is so cheap! The money will go to a good cause if you decide to keep it.

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Here's a handy tool I made, it costs a dollar and a quarter.

It calculates the time you spend at work. For what? The math is easy. Or is it? A few breaks, a split shift, and a draining day make your head hurt trying to figure it out. Put in your hourly to see what you've brought home that day.

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