TapTap! Lite and TapTap!

TapTap!  Lite and TapTap! is an app I developed that brings children and their parents/aunts/uncles/friends/etc. closer together through movement and song. The idea was sparked when my girlfriend of the time sang to her child and it warmed my heart. The free "Lite" version is available on Google Play and iOS now, with the full version coming later this year. 

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Full version coming Q1 of 2021 

Glass Break Simulator

Glass Break Simulator is a tool for people in the alarm industry that I made. I was fed up of carrying a glass break testing tool around with me, and I got a new cell phone one day (Samsung A71, not that it matters.) I immediately noticed that it was quite loud. Loud enough to trigger an alarm sensor for testing? Yes! Not for everyone, a very niche market indeed. But it is so cheap! Try it, if you don't like it get a refund in 2 days or less. The money will go to a good cause if you decide to keep it.

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Here's a handy tool I made, it costs a dollar and a quarter.

It calculates the time you spend at work. For what? The math is easy. Or is it? A few breaks, a split shift, and a draining day make your head hurt trying to figure it out. Put in your hourly to see what you've brought home that day.

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