I've been working on some video content over the past few years, and haven't really had anywhere or enough of it to showcase. Welcome to the video page!

Diver's Lake, Nanaimo BC

Changing Instrument Strings

How I change my strings, and have stable tuning for the life of those strings.

Wallie: A Documentary

Wallie: Avian Anomaly Unveiled is a short documentary about an American coot who didn't migrate the winter of 2023.

Carbon Mic test

Here I am singing an old song on a mic I built with aquarium charcoal.

Drum Session

Marianne 2021

A short film I wrote with my daughter. We filmed during 2021!

1970's Baritone Ukulele

An instrument tune up at the shop.

How I built the carbon mic

Guitar Error

Writing Volume Automation

A quick how-to on using automation in Pro Tools, performing it live. 


Motorized Fader tune-up

This technique works on just about any brand!

Audio Ducking

A quick look at automating one track turning down another when

it plays (for example, dropping music down when there is dialogue.)