A lot of people have said that they find my voice soothing - I am one of those people who hear their own voice and say "Do I really sound like that? That's not me..." even years after being a vocalist, voice over artist, and voice actor. But here we are.


   I have a typical (in my opinion) no-accent accent. Born in the Pacific Northwest, I do not have the stereotypical East Coast accent - "aboot time, eh?" More of the kind of accent you hear on television, where there does not appear to be any specific dialect. I do not fake accents unless for comedy where a fake-sounding accent is required. I just don't do it convincingly enough. I feel my strengths lie in commercials, poetry, and audiobooks. I do not have any interest in being the voice of a YouTube channel, instead liking to work on as many different and diverse projects as possible. Below is my portfolio, projects I am proud of and just a few that I had a lot of fun working on.


   My recording chain is fairly simple, if you are interested in that type of thing. I generally will record with either a Shure SM7b or an AKG C414 microphone. The SM7b gets an SE Electronics DM-1 Dynamite, then either mic runs a short cable to a Focusrite ISA series preamp before going to my Focusrite Clarett interface. For processing, I generally start with a filter, then a compressor, de-esser, gate, and then some Mouth De-Clicker from Izotope's RX collection. 

Here are some samples of work I have done, I hope you enjoy them!


A video game trailer

#4 (Blue Ranger)


Financial Independence Service


A Food Truck Building Business


Activewear Clothing Line

#6 (Audio)


Pricing varies, project to project. I have set rates for audio books. But here are services I offer and AB prices:



Sync to Video


Audiobook Narration:

$50/Hour, unedited

Audiobook Editing:

$40 *per completed audio hour

Audiobook Production - Start to Finish:

$100 per completed audio hour, narrated, edited, and processed to meet your platform's standards


*I require a sample first if someone else recorded it to determine if the quality is up to my professional standards