In 2021 at some point a creepy porcelain doll was found in my apartment, free for the taking. After some back and forth my young one and I took it home. At first I used to hide it in her room to scare her, but then we decided to write a horror movie. It's not a movie, we are 4 people and had 2 months (July and August.) It's 30 minutes of excitement and implied horror. We spent the first month writing a pretty solid script, and then the next filming. I've spent much of September 2021 editing it, and writing music for it in my spare time. On OCTOBER 1, 2021 at 7:15 pm Pacific time we will share a link to watch it on Youtube. At 7 we will be doing a facebook live video.



-->>The film is out!<<--

Here's a link:

We plan on writing a Marianne sequel every year until she's in high school. That's 3 more films, one per year! STAY TUNED!

This year's gear was:

Canon t3i

Canon t3

Cheap ring lights

Tascam DR-700

Audio Technica AT2021


Video editing done in Premiere Pro CS6

Audio writing, recording, editing, mixing done in Pro Tools