The goal behind Permanent Records is to provide a fast, cost effective service for all your audio editing, restoration, and recording needs - be it a radio commercial, voice overs, film post production, or restoring noisy audio. Set up to work with almost any audio format and capable of leaping buildings in a single bound, Permanent Records is your first and last stop for audio bliss. A one-stop shop for all your audio needs!

    The Permanent Records team is a combination of in-house work and experienced, professional contacts throughout the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. Having professionals in different fields ensures the best job gets done. What does this mean for you? Because contact-sharing gives each member more work, we can afford to keep costs low. Located right in the heart of the Hub City, Nanaimo - a perfect place nestled in close to both media-rich metropolis' Vancouver and Victoria.

    Because Permanent Records uses the latest version of the industry-standard Pro Tools audio software, you know you are getting professional-quality sample-accurate edits and sound manipulation. If at a later date you feel the need to bring your project to a different place, we guarantee that your session will be compatible with any other reputable studio. Everything is set up and plugged in, ready to go at a moment's notice and kept in great condition.

   Services include everything from recording audio, editing, mixing, restoring, replacing; everything from voice-overs and telephone prompts can be done, even working with video/ADR! If you need something done with your sound, let us know and we will either do it or refer you to someone who can! We are willing to work within your budget - for example, if a full-blown jingle is a little over the top, why not consider a fresh original backing track with a voice over? Also offered is aerial drone photography and videography, event filming, as well as photography using top-quality DJI and Canon equipment.

   A common misconception is that you need to have a big project to contact an audio service - this is simply not true. Imagine you are filming your friend telling a joke in a noisy bar and want the background sounds reduced, or perhaps you film your little one playing at the park while the wind blows into the microphone. No project is too big or small or even more important than another. I give the same care to people sending recorded lecture notes than I do to recording live concert.

   Don't let physical distances keep you from our top quality work and great prices. Thanks to the internet, sending your files to us has never been easier! We have done work for plenty of international clients, including some from the United States, Brazil, Aruba and Venezuela.