Mastering Is Not A Process You Should Have Done At Your Local Basement Studio

Here's another of my recording related rants. A friend of mine just joined a new band who has just given $1600 to a local "studio" just to master 7 songs. The studio [that has a very nice website! Looks totally pro!] is a long room practically anechoic in nature due to the amount of foam he's co…

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Mic Review: Sennheiser e609 Silver

  I picked up a pair of these at my local store's annual clearance sale last week, and I've used them a few times now on various projects. I'll be comparing it directly to the Shure SM57 and Beta 57 so unless you have experience with those this won't help you... alsoyour opinion may vary.


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The Downsides of Today's Music Industry

   I wrote last time [See article "Home Recordists Are Killing The Music Industry"] of how easy it is to get your music heard. But I kind of glossed over the downsides. Nobody likes a downer - but I think it's only fair to talk about the bad stuff so it doesn't sound like:

  • The world is a wonder…

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Lunchbox Amps Are The Future of Guitar Playing

  You've seen them - from the single knob epiphone Valve Junior to the full eq on a BlackHeart Little Giant to the fully-featured Mesa/Boogie Trans Atlantic. For years people have been exploding eardrums to drive their output tubes to saturation. Someone along the way realized that making a lowe…

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"Home Recordists Are Killing The Music Industry"

I AM ALL RAGED UP. This is the message being sent to people who go to school for recording.  I don't wanna name names [well I do, I REALLY do!] but I won't. There are some big name producers spouting this filthy lie out there, and I smell fear.

Music now is EASILY ACCESSIBLE - myspace, iComp, So…

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A Guide to Choosing and Buying Microphones

I've been around the block enough times to know what makes a good purchase - here are some of my best tips on buying microphones, but most of the information here can be applied to purchasing anything in general.

  1. There should be some thought before you buy mics, and research done. Be careful w…

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Effective Use of EQ for Shaping Tone

A big problem I hear in music these days from sources such as MySpace and iComp is big, flubby bass tones, harsh highs and overly round mids. Using eq is as much technique as it is taste, and using it properly can seem counter-intuitive at times.
   For starters, don't solo things and eq them unt…

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